This weekend I attended a life celebration. The service was beautiful, simple, full of love, ache, and joy. Not one eye would or could remain dry. We all felt contentment and comfort in our collective love towards this well-lived life. Isn’t this what a life celebration is after all?

We sat underneath an old oak tree, its branches appearing as long arms protecting us from the heat and sun. In one of the speeches, this poignant statement was said:

“Life is short
Death is sure”.

This stayed with me… a blunt truth we seem to forget in the grind and minutiae of our days.
Now, as I return home, I am compelled to see the sunset more intently, the colors seem richer, deeper. The sun slowly settled into the horizon allowing me to ponder upon it my life’s experiences… I am reminded of the preciousness of a life well lived and loved. How delicate the line is between our present tense and our past tense.

In yogic philosophy, Santosha translates to finding contentment, but it also refers to cultivating detachment, inner peace and joy in every moment.

So, let’s practice yoga…


everywhere you are

anywhere you may be in life

may you find contentment

may you find peace

may you recognize love and kindness
in everything you do 🙏


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